Africat 420

Catering to the cruising market goes beyond simply meeting all the demands of living onboard a yacht for extended periods at a time. It includes factors like the ease of maintaining the vessel, quality of construction and engineering, quality of systems installed, after sales support, access to service from the various equipment suppliers, a high level of self sufficiency, durability of construction, performance capabilities of the vessel, sea kindliness, fuel efficiency, cruising range, volume of water and fuel, capacity in fixed tanks, visibility while in control of the vessel, ease of viewing and operating the various navigational instruments, ease of docking and anchoring, ease of launching and stowing the dinghy, safe and easy access to the water while at anchor, comfortable deck space and large shaded areas. On top of all this, the yacht must be aesthetically pleasing with a blend of modern and traditional lines that will not date.

Very few vessels are able to adequately address all of these requirements and end up compromising in a number of areas. The AFRICAT 420 has met and surpassed all these design criteria.

Due to limited available space and the physical size and weight of equipment, very few cruising yachts in the 40ft – 50ft range can accommodate all the systems and equipment needed to fully satisfy the most basic needs. The AFRICAT 420, with its large beam (width) and high load carrying capacity gives us the ability to offer all the luxuries one has become accustomed to in the home, without compromising the performance or sea kindliness.


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